Volunteer Application

Light House Campus Volunteer Recruitment
Light House
has been working since 1997 for the disadvantaged population of Bangladesh to eradicate poverty and they have successfully achieved their goals in all projects. To enhance connectivity and public relations, especially with the youth group, Light House can recruit campus volunteers whose job will be to promote the organization’s work, and enrich the network and other works. we are currently looking for A campus volunteer who has a significant commitment to help us with our charity and other works.

We need your help with

  • Promotion LH’s social awareness content & increase connectivity
  • Organise on-campus events and competition
  • Participation in surveys and field works (when needed)
  • Supporting social media
  • Performing at LH awareness contents

Most of the work is virtual


  • Learn non-government organization’s operation
  • Certification of accomplishment
  • High priority in future recruitment/intern
  • Volunteering International funded (USAID/UKAID) projects
  • Promote the volunteer’s work from LH Facebook page
  • Remuneration for travel & event organizing
  • Scope to attend in LH contents

Qualification of the volunteer

  1. Enrolled in an undergraduate program
  2. Must be a 1st to 3rd-year student
  3. Energetic, motivated, quick-learner
  4. Have a good network and acceptance on campus
  5. Must be a resident of the campus dorm or nearby (for the public universities only)
  6. Ensure a 50:50 male female ratio

Starts From: 1st January

The shortlisted candidates will call for an online meetup via mail.


Application Is Currently Closed