LH is concern about the fact that governance is an overarching issue requiring adequate attention for sharing the benefits of socio-economic advancement of Bangladesh, among all, particularly the poor and disadvantaged communities. Justice and fairness, particularly for the poor and marginalized, is also an essential pre-requisite for distribution of the benefits of growth. Sustained notions of governance require improvement in reach of rule of law, accountability of public institutes to the people and active participation of the people in the decision making processes at all levels. Under this situation, this SP considers Governance and Justice as a sector, with an aim to promoting inclusive, transparent, accountable and effective democratic governance system & ensuring justice for all.

Considering the situation of the constituents, for reaching the above mentioned goal of the sector, LH identified five (5) major challenges i.e. i) citizen’s empowerment to participate and share in progress; ii) democratic representation and accountability; iii) access of the poor and disadvantaged group to justice; iv) stopping of human trafficking mainly women and children in neighboring countries and supporting the victims; and v) engagement of community in managing local law & order situation. Under this SP, LH will initiate the following strategic interventions for overcoming the above challenges.

Influencing legislature for creating a legal basis for ADR building on the current legislation, to establish an extra tier of mediation under ADR.