Climate Change (CC) is a serious threat not only for Bangladesh but also for the globe that makes it difficult for the human society as a whole to balance the need of the present generation without compromising the prospects of future generation. CC has its multi-faced effects on many areas. The GoB, in its 7th FYP mentioned that a rise in both sea level and frequency of cyclone-storms due to the escalating atmospheric temperature is likely to have grave food and energy security consequences, which will also facilitate different types of diseases and frequency of other natural calamities. The issue of environment is closely related to CC and any initiatives under the first impacts on the later. Similarly, in managing CC the relevant actions influences the natural environment. Therefore, LH addresses these interlinked issues under one sector with an aim to ensure environmental sustainability while effectively coping with natural disasters and climate change effects.


Considering the situation of the constituents, for reaching the above mentioned goal of the sector, LH identified five (5) major challenges i.e. i) Climate Change Adaptation (CCA); ii) Climate Change Mitigation (CCM); iii) Control of environmental pollution; iv) Management of Natural Resources; and v) Conservation of biodiversity. Under this SP, LH will initiate the following strategic interventions for overcoming the above challenges.