Personal Information:

Father’s Name: Late Md. Solaiman Ali;

Mother’s Name: Most. Hasna Banu;


Date of Birth and Nationality: 3rd February 1966, Bangladeshi by Birth;


Permanent Address: Village and Post-Kazipara, PS-Kahaloo, District-Bogra;


Current Address:  Flat # B4, Plot # 97, Road 10/2, Block # D, Niketon, Gulshan-1,

Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh, Phone # +88 02 9890693; Cell phone: +8801714004249;


E-mail: harun@lighthousebd.org;  lighthouse.bogra@gmail.com;


Professional involvement: A Founder of Light House and currently serving as General Secretary and Chief Executive of this organization. Also served as Part-time Faculty member of North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Previously served with Management Development Unit-a UNFPA project, Served with TRDEP-a project of Youth Department of GoB, and also served with NGO Forum for DWSS-a National NGO.


Membership: a) Asia and Pacific CSOs Engagement Mechanism; b) Bangladesh Nagoric Somaj, c) Vice-Chairman of Election working group, d) Member of STI network in Bangladesh, e) Member of NFOWD, f) Member of Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum, g) Life Member of Bogra Somity Dhaka, h) Member of Niketon Welfare Society, Dhaka. i) Member of International Aids Society; j) Life Member, Dhaka Boat Club Ltd.


Key Qualification:

Completed Master’s (Post graduation degree) in Economics from Dhaka University, Bangladesh; Executive Masters in Public Health (EMPH) from North South University, Bangladesh; Diploma on SRHR from Lund University, Malmo, Sweden.


Experience in Research and Studies:

  • Observation study on Client Characteristics, Drug Availability and Drug Utilization at FWCs and outreach sites of the FP Directorate of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh sponsored by ICDDR, B and MDU.
  • Study on “Mothers Having ANC Contact and Delivery by trained person/institution” of Comilla and Feni districts sponsored by MDU.
  • Study on “Percentage of Acceptors by FP Methods” in Comilla and Feni districts sponsored by MDU.
  • Study on “HIV/AIDS awareness Sex worker, Truckers, Rickshaw puller and Youth of Bogra.
  • Mapping on Floating Sex Workers in Bogra.
  • Surveys for identifying working children of Bogra district town.
  • Assessment of Quality of Life among the vulnerable key population of Bangladesh
  • Facility assessment of service centres of Health and Family welfare department of Perojpur district
  • Situation assessment of all brothels in Bangladesh;
  • Conduct End line survey and conduct Learning Studies for Ethnic Community;
  • Conducted a study on condom use during oral sex to assess the change in their practice of oral sex and condom use during oral sex-as part of diploma course on SRHR under Lund University;




1) A Bengali article published on “Experience on HIV and AIDS situation in Uganda” in Daily Karatoa (a national newspaper);

2) A Bengali article published on “HIV/AIDS and Bangladesh” in Daily Karatoa (a national newspaper);

3) A Bengali article published on “Role of NGOs in development of Bangladesh” (a local news paper);

4) An English article published in a quarterly newsletter named “Alokito Barta” on Sex worker’s clients have important role for HIV and STI prevention;

5) An English article on “Developing Effective Voter Education Plan” published in the book on Promoting Fair Elections in South Asia.

6) Editor of Annual report of Light House and published so far 18 annual reports;

7) Editor of “Alokito Barta”-A quarterly newsletter of Light House activities and it’s views. Published around 12 quarterly newsletter so far;

8) Editor of monthly e-bulletin of Light House, published so far 6 bulletin and distributed/circulated;

9) Access to Local Justice by Vulnerable and Ethnic Community;



Involved in Health Policy and development:

  • Perform responsibility successfully as local organizing committee (LOC) of ICAAP 12;
  • Mobilize regional CSO based in Bangkok for ICAAP 12 on behalf of Bangladeshi CSO;
  • Organize and chairing satellite session on Transgender and Drug user communities in ICAAP 12;
  • Participated in ESCAP Inter Governmental Meeting on HIV prevention in Bangkok;

Apart from this I am involved closely in Health population and Nutrition sectors including Tuberculosis control, HIV/AIDS prevention, and community mobilization and promoting health seeking behavior in Bangladesh and act as member of National coordination Committee on HIV and FDMN.

I have been working for various vulnerable segments of populations serving them in terms of awareness raising, capacity building, networking¸ clinical service delivery, referral works etc since 1998. I have been implementing following health and HIV program in partnership with  icddrb, Save The Children International, National AIDS & STD Program, BRAC, URC TB CARE II, CARE Bangladesh, FHI/USAID, HASAB:

1) HIV prevention program for Injecting Drug User, Female sex worker, Men having sex for men and transgender,

2) Tuberculosis Control Program,

3) Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights,

4) MaMoni Health System Strengthen program,

5) Water and Sanitation Program;

I have also been working for various vulnerable populations including minorities serving them in terms of awareness raising, capacity building, networking¸ addressing VAW, GBV, prevention, protection and ligation including referral since 2004. I have been implementing following projects funded by Aus-Aid, UKaid, British High Commission, Norec, DI/USAID, The Asia Foundation, giz, NCSC, Counterpart etc;

  1. Increase Responsiveness of Public Institutions towards Poor and Marginalized people;
  2. Strengthening Civic Engagement in Elections and Political Processes for Enhanced Transparency & Democratic Accountability;
  3. Promoting engagement and advocacy for credible election (PEACE);
  4. International Volunteer Exchange Program;
  5. ICT based response and support mechanism to address violence against women & girls project;
  6. Promoting Peace and Justice- Bogura and Tangail district;
  7. Enhancing Community Capacity and Resilience to promote female Migrant Workers Right in Bangladesh;
  8. Empowering Young Widow through Skill Development and IGA Support project
  9. Environment Disaster & Climate Change;
  10. Poverty Reduction & Sustainable Livelihood initiatives;
  11. Gender responsive community based policing;


I am happy to be served as member of case coordination committee (under the guidance of Ministry of Home Affairs).


Other Initiatives:

1)Light House School of Learning and Diversity

In early 2016, I took initiative to establish “Light House School of Learning and Diversity” with a view to provide modern technology based and scientific education for rural students of west Bogra. The main purposes of school are to create opportunity for rural and grass-root students and patronize meritorious students, provide quality education and create opportunity for learning and diversity and ensure access of rural student to an inclusive and equitable quality education to become a complete and competent human being.  In January 2018, this school has been started with 125 students up to class vii.


2)  Cultural Group(Angikar shilpo Goshty):

In 2015, I took initiative to establish “Light House Cultural Group(as Angikar shilpo Goshty) with a view to create platform to train several groups of people as artist, singer and role player and to give development messages though cultural means for removing superstation, conservativeness and fundamentalisms and to create social mobilization; Over 500 cultural events performed so far at community level and reached over 3 million people.

  1. Lighthouse Bangladesh trust

I become able to found another sister concern of Light House as Lighthouse Bangladesh trust and it is started to serve the people since 2014;

  1. Root to bloom:

In my own village I become able to retrieve village club named-Kazipara Krishi Somaj Kalyan Somity and served as president of this club, also become able to ensure irrigation facilities to the village farmer during my student life. I did work for promotion of education in my own village and as acknowledgement of it, I was elected as president of Kazipara High School and served there successfully. Currently I am also patronizing numbers of local clubs, cultural institutes, schools and other educational institutes.



Apart from engagement with Light House, I served at UNFPA and other National NGO. During my 27 year services in development sector, I am happy to be able to earn knowledge related to national health management, national policy, systems and structure, international convention, UN bodies and international development cooperation aspect for Bangladesh.

I used to take part in national level consultation and advocacy to formulate new policy and strategies for the health, population and access to justice sectors.


Travel and study tour:

I also used to take part in international seminar, symposium and conferences to know the new innovation for health and population sector and also to disseminate own experience.

I had the opportunity to travel several countries e.g. INDIA, Cambodia, Uganda and Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Germany, Kingdom of Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirate, Norway, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada and USA for training, conference, exposure visit and study tour. I did explore many initiatives and model of developments and tried to replicate those learning in Bangladesh as its own way.



From 1993 to till to date received various training and participated consultation /exposure visit in country and abroad as follows: 

  • Attended a 2 weeks training course on ‘Management of Income Generating Activities” in 1993 organized by TRDEP and Asian Development Bank.
  • Attended a 2 weeks pre-service orientation and training program of “Planning, Personnel Management, Service Delivery, Reporting, Coordination & Communication” in 1993 organized by Management Development Unit (MUD)’s HQ in Dhaka.
  • Attended a one week training course on “WATSAN program management” in 1996 Organized by NGO Forum for DWSS Dhaka.
  • Training received on “preparing project plan using log frame” in 1997 organized by Bangladesh AIDS prevention and control program (BAPCP)/UNDP.
  • 5 days training received on “treatment and management of drag addict” in 1997 organization by United Nation Drag controls program (UNDCP).
  • 5 days training received on “Counseling for STD/HIV/AIDS” in 1997 organized by BAPCP/UNDP Bangladesh.
  • 1 week training received on “Savings and Credit Management” in 1999 at TARC Rajshahi organized by BRAC.
  • 2 weeks training received on “Development Management” in 1999 at Bangladesh Centre for Development Management (BCDM) organized by BRAC.
  • 2 weeks training received on “Office Management” in 1999 at BIM Dhaka organized by NGO Affairs Bureau and Asian Development Bank.
  • 1 week training received on “Participatory Management” in 2000 at TARC Rajshahi organized by PRIP Trust.
  • 3 days training received on “Gender and Development” in 2000 at YMCA Bogra organized by Steps Toward Development and Setubandhan (a local NGO network);
  • 2 weeks training received on “understanding the art of Advocacy and policy analysis” organized by Proshika at Koitta HRDC in 2000.
  • Participated in exchange program on Female sex worker intervention in Kolkata, India in June 2002.
  • Participated in exchange program on HIV/AIDS program and it’s success in Uganda during March 2004.
  • Participated 4 days regional consultation on Male Sexual Health and HIV in Asia and the Pacific, during September 2006 in New Delhi, INDIA
  • Participated 3 weeks International Visitor Program on “NGO Management” during August 20 to September 7, 2007 organized by State Department of USA.  
  • Participated as International Election Observer in National assembly election of Thailand during December 2007.
  • Participated in exposure visit on community policing program in Katmandu, Nepal during February 2008.
  • 3 weeks training on PRSP, MDG and Vision 2021 organized by Department of Health and population science of Dhaka University in July 2009
  • Training on “working with Stakeholder Dialogue” Key Concepts and Competencies for Achieving Common Goals conducted by Collective Leadership Institute, Germany in September 2009 in Siam Reap, Cambodia.
  • stakeholder dialogue for collective advocacy initiative organized in 2010 in Potsdam, Germany  conducted by Collective Leadership Institute,  Germany
  • 3 weeks Training on International Human Rights Training Program organized by Equitas June 2010, in Montreal, Canada.
  • 2 days training on  ‘Developing Information Disclosure Policy for CSOs’ during 3-4th February 2012, in Dhaka and organized by MRDI and USAID PROGATI  
  • Short course on “Performance Measurement on effective Management of Non-profit Organization” during May 29th to June 1st 2012 organized by Harvard Kennedy School of Harvard University, in Boston of USA.