Light House is committed to strengthening governance systems including access to justice of marginal population. The organization too pursues the need to improving and developing its services to empower our target groups. We are also committed to working towards the fight against HIV/AIDS to prevent the epidemic in Bangladesh

Specific Objectives

• To render quality services to all irrespective of cost, religion and/or political affiliation.
• To promote fraternity, rapport and brotherhood among the Citizens of the area.
• To promote the socio-economic development of rural and urban asset less poor, particularly the landless, marginalized, fishermen, weavers and other disadvantaged adults and children.
• To undertake programs to eliminate illiteracy and facilitate access to education.
• To eliminate negative belief systems in the society that hamper sustainable development.
• To ensure social & economic empowerment of women so that there will be gender equity in society.


• Ensuring social security and justice at local & regional level.
• Improving the socio economic conditions of poor, marginalized and vulnerable people and thereby decrease the number of people living in or below the poverty line.
• Reducing the risk of HIV and AIDS & STI transmission
• To increase self sustaining activities/ self sustainability of Light House

Light House Values

Humanity: Caring and serving humanity, more particularly, the vulnerable communities.
Spirituality: Serving the creator by attending the creatures.
Humility: Value one’s insignificance and shun one’s pride.
Equality and equity: All human beings are equal and to maintain the equity in the society.
Caring for Nature: No human progress can be sustained if the natural environment is not cared for.
Honesty and Morality: People demonstration of utmost sincerity while discharging duties.

Legal Status

Light House registered with both the Department of Social Services, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to carry out voluntary activities. It got the registration from the NGO affairs Bureau (Registration Number DH- 02791 dated on 6th September, 1992 and Registration Number FDO/R 1307 dated on 5th November, 1998) for receiving the foreign donations to operate any other project or program through the country.

Organizational Motto


empowering key people