Light House - We Work For people's welfare and rights in bangladesh

Light House is a non-profit voluntary development organisation that works with rural and urban asset less poor people.

Strategic Areas of Light House

Health, Nutrition and HIV

Light House has adopted Health, Nutrition and HIV perspective as a strategic guide for program development in different sectors directly targeting poor distressed, disadvantaged, and vulnerable and MARPs spread over the country. We want their improved living conditions in social, economic & cultural context. Read More ...

Poverty Reduction & Food Security

Light House has developed this strategic area for the active participation of the stakeholders including the members of staff. This perspective plan endorsed Light House,s development programming through well-planned sectoral approaches in an unique way. This strategy has examined the local context and on going development programs of poverty reduction and food security.
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Human Rights and Good Governance (HUGGO)

All human being have the right to live with dignity at all times, regardless of their legal, social or political status. Human rights are not gifts to be bestowed at the whims or fancies of anyone or a privilege, an act of grace or charity. Equity and justice are at the heart of all human rights.
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Disaster Management & Addressing Climate Change

This strategy articulates the implementation arrangements of Bangladesh country and local contexts depending on the needs of disasters affected and vulnerable communities across the country. Light House envisages utilizing the guiding principles for the implementation of the national disaster risk reduction strategy reflecting the local context and types of disasters and its impact of people’s life and livelihood. Read More ...

Light House is a well reputed non-profit, non political voluntary development organization working for the development of rural and urban asset less poor, particularly the landless, homeless, distressed, school dropouts, working children, marginalized and high risk population, and other disadvantaged adults and children in Bangladesh. Light House believes in making a difference, accountability, peace and harmony along with gender equity and participation.

It is a leading Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Bangladesh that was founded in 1988 following devastating and gigantic flood. At that time, a group of young and energetic men came forward and worked in a team to face this national crisis. Md. Harun-or-Rashid One of those founder members is now the Chief Executive of Light House. At present Light House has established 46 project offices in 24 districts namely under the Dhaka, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi and Rangpur Division of Bangladesh.